What is a landing page?

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Landing page is a website on which the user is sent after clicking on ad such as banner or sponsored link. It's one of the marketing campaign components, the aim of which is encouraging the user to do some specific action. Landing page differs from the standard corporate websites. This type of page is designed with a specific purpose, which is making the user do some specific action. Usually the landing pages are designed in such a way that they don't refer directly to the company's website. This purposeful action is intended to focus the user's attention on the execution of the specific task, conversion.

Landing page – types

We can distinguish two key types of landing pages:

  • Lead generating landing page
  • Click Through landing page

Lead generating landing page is made in order to collect specific information about the user: email address, phone number and name. This data is input into the database and then it’s used adequately to further business objectives. When creating lead generating landing page it is important to remember that very long forms don't encourage filling them, so if we want to contact the user only via e-mail it's unnecessary to get his phone number.

Click through landing page is a type of website that encourages clicking and moving to another page. This kind of landing page is frequently used in e-commerce campaigns and it's made in such a way that it arouses interest in product/service for the user, who then goes to another page and makes a purchase. In this case you need to remember that the user has to find what he was looking for on it. The campaign should therefore be consistent, clear and intuitive for the user.

Landing page - how to design it?

While designing a landing page you need to make sure that the graphical elements of the website are simple and clear, while keeping the actual content on the page factual, concrete and brief. This favors achieving the desired purpose. On landing pages it's also advisable to highlight Call-to-action elements - they are phrases that encourage performing specific task, such as the common "buy now", "add to cart" or "fill out the form". Are you interested in this topic? Take advantage of our offer: web design, visual identity, branding, internet marketing. We invite you to cooperation.

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