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With the advent of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices that have access to the Internet the websites stopped being viewed only on PC's, so you should keep them in mind while designing the web page. We suggest you to make responsive website. What lies beneath this term and what are the advantages of this solution? Desktops, tablets, laptops, phones and even game consoles and e-readers - all of these devices allow web browsing. However these devices have different screen sizes, so while designing a page it's good to keep in mind that it should be made responsive. Responsive Web Design means coding website in such a way that it gives optimal visual impression, no matter the device. It has to keep ease of navigation and proper content display without the need of any additional actions. Responsiveness and lack of it .

All components of interface like navigation, text and image positioning are displayed properly on any device thanks to the responsiveness. Lack of responsiveness requires constant changing of page size and using the width page sliders. Responsiveness makes viewing page pleasant and smooth and this in turn makes user more willing to visit and stay longer on it.

Advantages of responsiveness:

  • comfortable and smooth use of pages, which translates into better reception of the website,
  • Clarity of content, which, although very important, won't attract attention if it's badly aligned,
  • efficiency, since designing the website to be responsive doesn't require creation of a separate mobile version, which would cost extra,
  • green light from Google - it is considered that responsive websites meet user requirements the best, which improves SEO campaigns.

We know how important it is for visit to be pleasant, so while designing and implementing websites we keep in mind the latest trends, thinking at least a few steps ahead.

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